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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 24, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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map saying goodbye to a fallen fire, mark falkenhan will be laid to rest.he died on the job last week... trying to rescue people from a burning home. home.megan gilliland is live from the cathedral of mary our
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queen in baltimore where his funeral will be held in just a few hours. hours.those closest to
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homicide detectives are called to an overnight shooting in east baltimore. officers responded to the scene at the intersection of caroline and monument streets just before 11 last night.a man was shot multiple times. there's no word on his condition at this time.
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the friends and family of a 22 year old man gunned down outside a nightclub by police officers... are demanding answe. answers.despite the bitter, cold... those close to sean gamble marched across city hall saturday... in what they call... a march for justice. earlier this month... baltimore city police were responding to a fight outside the select lounge nightclub downtown... when officers opened fire. several people were hurt. gamble and one of the department's own... officer william torbit... were both killed. gamble was a father... engaged to be married. he played semi-pro football... and had no criminal record. lucette 5707 it was just uncalled for. an officer of their own was killed, you know? it has stop 13 13nadine 49:51 sean had the right to be safe where he was. his life was taken from him too soon 57 according to police, 41-bullets were fired that night. the department has re-assigned four officers until an investigation is complete.mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has also ordered an outside review of
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the shooting. a north carolina woman... accused of kidnapping a baby from a hospital more than two decades ago... is set to appear in court today.ann pettway surrendered to police on sunday.her surrender comes days after a widely publicized reunion... between the child she allegedly kidnapped... and the biological mother. the child had been living with pettway for á23 yearsá... under a false name. a 6-year-old boy is killed... after a float plane he was riding in with his father flips happened as the plane was landing on a lake in washington state. the boy's father was piloting the plane when it crashed.the 6 year-old was trapped underwater... until rescue divers could free him.two witnesses also jumped in to help. 3 "i found there was a window open so i reached in the window and reached up to try to find him. i could find the boy, but i couldn't unhook him." him." after being rushed to the
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hospital... the boy was pronounced dead.police say it appears the plane's áwheelsá were down when it landed... which likely caused the crash. talk show host montel williams plans to publicly announce his support for medical marijuana in maryland. maryland.williams is expected to announce his support today... for a bill that would allow marijuana for medical purposes only.the bill is being introduced by delegate dan morhaim and senator david brinkley.williams will make the announcement during a press conference in annapolis this afternoon. stay tuned to fox45 morning news for continuing coverage of this of the lawmakers behind the bill joins us live in studio.. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour. you might feel helpless at the pump these days as the price per gallon continues to rise..... but a u.s. senator says that's not necessarily the case. he thinks the federal government can slow down the increase, and he's calling on the president's administration to act now. joel d. smith is live in ellicott
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city to explain. good morning
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3 coming up on the early edition... a child.. born with only one leg and one arm. arm. "everyone always asks, you know, is he a normal baby" baby" how this little guy is getting the chance to live a normal life. are taking a live look of 295 at route 175...a nice and quiet start to the morning commute on this stretch of the b/w parkway. i'll show you what you'll find on the beltway coming up in the traffic edge're watching 3q
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wedding to one lucky couple... who will get married.. live on fox45 morning news. enter.. tell us in a hundred words or less why you should win.send your entry to "wedding in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in baltimore.. 21211.or log onto foxbaltimore dot com to enter... you can also read the official rules. rules. and you can do all of your wedding planning at one place.. the baltimore bridal show. it will be february 5th and 6th at the baltimore convention center. go to fox baltimore dot com slash newslinks to go to the bridal show website. coming up... mayor stephanie rawlings-blake loses a bet and has to wear the enemy's colors. colors. 3 "i am contractually obligated to record this you tube video, wearing this gold and black clothing." clothing." the wardrobe change she made during the reco. recording. "he's normal. he does everything on time, he's always happy, he has a great personality." and.. a baby born with only one leg and one
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one charity is helping to give him a normal ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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a dramatic rescue at sea... home video captures a cruise ship saving three passengers in distress... just off the coast of cuba.the boat was drifting in choppy water... after losing power.passengers aboard the cruise liner... watched from their decks. "it was pretty rough that day so we knew pretty much instantly that they were out of place, they weren't supposed to be there."
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all three passengers made it to safety... and are now recovering. 3 he was born with just one arm... and just one good leg. but his parents and a local charity hope he's on the road to a pretty normal life. ford atkinson has talan holmes' incredible story. story. talan holmes is a to learn more to learn more about the
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limbs of love charity...log onto our baltimore dot com slash newslinks. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a triple crown winner goes from the big screen.. to your t-v.when you can take "secretariat" home on d-v-d. d-v-d.and next... the ravens season is over.we'll recap the year that was for the purple and black... and look to what they'll do in the offseason. ((break 3))3q it's a beautiful day inside when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist. it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze.
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tiffany sent in this picture of her crew all
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painted up and ready to cheer
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on their favorite team. even if they have to wait until next season to watch them play.. they're still ravens fans year- round. no matter where you're from...we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us in photos showing off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the community features section. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a medical marijuana bill gets star power support.the celebrity endorsing the measure in
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